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Weekly News Recap (Apr 6)

Sophie Thi - Apr 6, 2022 - 2 min read

Start Wednesday off right with the latest news recap:

Snoop Dogg Releases First Metaverse Music Video With ‘House I Built’: ‘It’s About Keeping It Real’

Thanks to his track “House I Built,” new Death Row Records owner Snoop Dogghas released the first-ever virtual music video produced in the Sandbox Metaverse. (Billboard)

Want to spend your crypto on fashion? Off-White now accepts it

Off-White, the contemporary luxury label founded by the late Virgil Abloh, is now accepting cryptocurrency payments in its London, Paris and Milan flagship stores. (Vogue Business)

Epic and Fortnite is now the single biggest corporate donor to Ukraine

Epic Games and Microsoft have, through Fortnite in-game purchases, raised over $70 million to be donated towards humanitarian relief in the ongoing Russo-Ukraine war. (PC Gamer)

Atomic Digital Design celebrates the first augmented reality ad for Mini Cooper done by Buzzin Monkey GmbH and die agentour GmbH agencies

"I discovered this technology at the beginning of 2008 and started doing some tests to see what was really possible. Once I understood the technical aspect, the marketing opportunities seemed huge!” Stefan Becker, Managing Director of Buzzin Monkey GmbH (ADD Blog)

Mojo Vision unveils the latest augmented reality contact lens prototype

Mojo Vision said it has created a new prototype of its Mojo Lens augmented reality contact lenses. This smart contact lens will bring “invisible computing” to life, the company believes. (Venture Beat)

Glitches, Glamour, and Graphics Cards: Notes From Decentraland’s First Metaverse Fashion Week

The most impressive part of Decentraland’s first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week didn’t actually happen in the metaverse. Instead, it went down on a platform that, while super old-fashioned and not especially cool, still features a pretty evolved UI: reality. (Vogue)

A party at Decentraland with an exclusive soundtrack signed by Bob Sinclair

To celebrate its landing in the metaverse, as well as to showcase its first NFT collection designed by artists Silvio Rondelli, Yoann De Geetere, Linear, Vincent Ghiotti e Finn Berenbroek during Metaverse Fashion Week, Hogan held what is perhaps the biggest virtual party Decentraland has ever seen. (NSS Mag)

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