Weekly News Recap (Feb 25)

Feb 25, 2022 - 2 min read

Here is our weekly-updated news and insights on augmented reality (AR).

5G Changed the Super Bowl Experience

Verizon invested $120 million worth of 5G technology to equip the Los Angeles SoFi Stadium, making this year's Super Bowl Experience even better with high-tech experiences that included instant replays to augmented reality competitions. (Inc. Magazine)

Snap launches AR Shopping lenses

Snapchat launched new catalogue-powered Shopping lenses - a new format combining the scale and efficiency of commerce with the performance and personalization of AR try-on and product visualization. (AR Insider)

How Eye Tracking Is Coming to VR and Beyond

A new wave of VR headsets is expected this year: the PlayStation VR 2, Meta's pro-level VR headset called Project Cambria and maybe Apple's long-rumoured device. This next generation of headsets will be able to detect eye motion. (C Net)

Bring avatars into your WebAR experiences with Ready Player Me

Developers can now easily add custom, interactive avatars to 8th Wall projects to create browser-based metaverse experiences. (8th Wall)

Meta Starts Art Exhibit Series in Its Metaverse App During Black History Month

The immersive VR art exhibit "I Am a Man" is the launch piece for a Metaverse Culture Series. A project created by VR sculptor Gabe Gault is the first of what Meta describes as a series of cultural and art experiences that will be launching inside Horizon Worlds. (C Net)

It’s time to reframe how we think about augmented reality

Immersive tech is less an ad campaign and more an extension of your brand. It (AR) overlays digital computing on top of the physical world. It’s both opt-in and participatory—the audience chooses to engage and experience AR in their world and, sometimes, on their bodies. (Ad Week)

NFT, metaverse ... In London, fashion wonders about its digital future

In the middle of London Fashion Week, professionals discussed on Monday, during an event dedicated to the future of the sector, the rise of NFT, metaverse, augmented reality in the industry of beautiful fabrics and sophisticated drapes. (Fashion Network)

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