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Weekly News Recap (Mar 28)

Sophie Thi - Mar 27, 2022 - 2 min read

Here is our weekly-updated news and insights on augmented reality (AR).

8th Wall Introduces Absolute Scale new feature

8th Wall Engine now features a new SLAM capability which enables interactive, cross-platform, real-world scale WebAR—a first for the browser (8th Wall)

Meta Inks Partnership for 3D Ads in Step Toward the Metaverse

Meta Platforms Inc will make it easier for brands to run three-dimensional ads on its Facebook and Instagram social media platforms through a new partnership with an e-commerce technology firm. (Reuters)

Meta to test new tools to give brands control over ad placement on its platforms later this year

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, says it will begin testing new content tools designed to give advertisers control over where their ads are shown on Facebook and Instagram feeds. The tools will allow companies to prevent their ads from being placed next to unsuitable content, such as posts about politics, tragedy or violence. (Tech Crunch)

Estée Lauder offers free NFTs at Decentraland's Metaverse Fashion Week

Estée Lauder has taken a deep dive into the metaverse, emerging as the exclusive beauty partner of the very first Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland. (The Industry.Fashion)

Nearly 7 million people have visited Nike’s metaverse store

Nike claims that nearly 7 million people from around the world have visited Nikeland, its metaverse store since it opened five months ago. (The Drum)

Snap’s first commercial was inspired by the deaf community

Snap will air an Oscars spot showing users how to fingerspell through new Snapchat Lenses, in honour of the hard-of-hearing and deaf community. (Ad Age)

Qualcomm Launches $100M Fund to Help Build the Metaverse

Qualcomm, the company known for its mobile Snapdragon processors for smartphones and XR headsets, announced a new Metaverse Fund. The chipmaker says the new fund will be a launchpad for XR developers and companies working to build the metaverse. (Road to VR)

Zoom’s new virtual avatars let you show up to your next meeting as a dog

Zoom will let you show up to your next meeting as a rabbit, fox, dog, or another type of animal, using its new Avatars feature that replaces you with a virtual character that copies your expressions, Memoji-style. (The Verge)

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