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Weekly News Recap (May 16)

Sophie Thi - May 16, 2022 - 2 min read

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Looking forward to a new week 😎

We’ve compiled for you the top industry news stories from around the web:

Google Maps’ new ‘Immersive View’ combines Street View with satellites

The new Immersive View is sort of a Street View in the sky: you can look over a location from above to get a sense of the neighbourhood and then drop to the street level to see the specific spots you might want to hit up. (The Verge)

Apple is a massive force in AR. It’s also been holding the technology back

The company has yet to add support for web-based AR to the iPhone. Apple reportedly has a team of 1,000 engineers working on AR glasses, with plans to release a still-unannounced mixed-reality device as early as this year. (Protocole)

Niantic to launch a city-scale visual positioning system for AR devices later this month

The system aims to form an underlying 3D map of the world so that all devices can share the same frame of reference, even on massive scales. (Road to VR)

Meta to start testing digital collectibles on Instagram

Meta will start testing digital collectibles and NFTs on a small number of users on Instagram. According to the company, users in the test group will be able to post NFTs at no cost by linking their third-party digital wallets in-app. (The Block)

Samsung highlights the GalaxyS22 with an AR tutorial

Snapchatters can discover the different phone features through an immersive lens (Atomic Digital Design)

A.R. Rahman’s Directorial Debut ‘Le Musk’ to Premiere at Cannes XR

The 36-minute film is billed as a cinematic sensory experience incorporating virtual reality, with motion, music and scent integrated into the narrative. (Variety)

Mark Zuckerberg on the metaverse, NFTs and the future of VR

Meta has its VR social platform Horizon, but it’s just as close as some of the major gaming platforms it’s competing against, like Fortnite and Roblox. Interoperability is supposed to be a significant pillar of the metaverse, but it’s very far from reality right now. (Protocole)

Madonna births a tree, butterflies and centipedes in NSFW triptych of NFTs

The singer released a graphic NFT series called Mother of Creation this week. The three video series depicts Madonna giving birth to various objects like trees, insects, and butterflies. Proceeds from the NFT will reportedly go to charity. (Design Boom)

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