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Weekly News Recap (May 31)

Sophie Thi - May 31, 2022 - 3 min read

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Keeping up with the industry's fast & furious innovations?

Here is our weekly news digest:

Niantic moves beyond games with Lightship AR platform and a social network.

Lightship Visual Positioning System (VPS) enables developers to determine the position and orientation of their users and anchor AR content with centimetre-level precision for real-world immersive AR on a global scale (The Verge)

Liquid City creates Lightship VPS experience at Niantic Labs Lightship summit

The London-based company is giving a glimpse into the future of conferences and events. The experience is filmed through their “Reality Browser” app. (Liquid City)

Apple’s RealityOS for the rumoured headset appears in a trademark application

The trademark application is the latest evidence that Apple is on the cusp of announcing its long-rumoured headset. It follows the news earlier this month that the company’s board of directors reportedly tried out the wearable device, which is common practice ahead of a public launch. (The Verge)

Augmented reality NFT platform Anima gets backing from Coinbase

The creative crypto startup wants to help artists bring their digital creations to a bigger digital stage and help find what the future of NFTs looks like in augmented reality. Anima has put together a small $500K pre-seed round from Coinbase Ventures, Divergence Ventures, Flamingo DAO, Lyle Owerko and Andrew Unger. (Tech Crunch)

Lacoste unveiled its new and largest flagship on Champs-Élysées last week

A 17,200 square feet store, the Lacoste Arena is a perfect example of how brands can reinvent their IRL spaces. The brand is dabbling in a new augmented reality format: three AR experiences that allow shoppers to see crocodiles come to life upon scanning QR codes in the store and on their Instagram official account. (ADD)

French Open enters the metaverse with Roland-Garros virtual-seat NFTs

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) has made its first move into the metaverse by announcing an NFT venture for the French Open grand slam tournament at Roland-Garros. The FFT will harness blockchain technology to issue a collection of 5,000 NFTs, each representing a numbered virtual seat of Court Philippe-Chatrier. (Sport Business)

The US Military Is Building Its Own Metaverse

On May 10, two fighter pilots performed a high-altitude proto-metaverse experiment. A few thousand feet above the desert of California, in a pair of Berkut 540 jets, they donned custom AR headsets to connect to a system that overlaid a ghostly, glowing image of a refuelling aircraft flying alongside them in the sky. (Wired)

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