3D Artist - Internship

Presentation of the Sales Department & the position

Augmented reality means real-time 3D (RT). They go hand in hand, and it's in this department that the digital assets that augment the real world are manufactured. 

2023 is a year in which the 3D department is coming of age. Productivity and creativity are their leitmotiv. And as someone close to them once said: to infinity and beyond!

The main mission of the generalist 3D artist (modeler/texturing) intern is to learn and improve modeling and texturing skills by participating in the production of augmented reality experiences. They create and optimize AR assets and are trained to integrate them on dedicated platforms.

The main missions will be:

  • Modeling(35%): Creation of 3D objects.
  • Texturing & Baking (30%): Applying color to an object; projecting high-definition texture onto a lower-definition model.
  • Layout (10%): Scenography / layout of objects in experiments. 
  • Lighting (10%): Lighting aspects for final rendering. 
  • Real-time integration (15%): Integrate objects created in software (Lens / Spark) and guarantee the artistic charter after integration.

Our expectations onboarding +90 days 🎯:

→Knowledge and understanding of the processes and constraints of other manufacturing departments


  • You are in the fourth year at a 3D school and have a very good knowledge of the entire 3D pipeline (modeling, texturing, rig, animation).
  • Knowledge of photogrammetry and ideally of real time constraints (AR and web)
  • Ideally proficient in real time software (Unity or Unreal)
  • Good knowledge of at least one of Blender's rendering engines: Cycle, Redshift
  • Good knowledge of rig constraints and the principles of animation and timing
  • Your qualities: ability to work as part of a team and to give and receive constructive feedback, you like to develop your artistic eye, you have an eye for detail and are curious.

Our tools: Blender, Zbrush, Suite Adobe 3D, Unreal/Unity, Lens, Spark

The recruitment process:

  • HR Call in video (30min)
  • Interview with 3D Team (1 hour) in the office
  • Business Case at home

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