Creative Developer (AR) - Internship

As our talented intern Lucie's internship is coming to an end, we are looking for her replacement to take over. You will be joining the Dev Team, consisted of around 10 experts in Social AR and WebAR, all high-performing, somewhat geeky, and incredibly creative (Junior, Middle, Lead, Manager). On a daily basis, you will be supported by Mathieu, the Lead & WebAR expert, and will collaborate closely with all other teams (Production, Design, 3D, etc.).

As an AR Developer, your main mission is to create exceptional augmented reality (AR) experiences by leveraging on your technical expertise in JavaScript (Lens studio, Spark AR, 8th Wall). This role represents a unique blend of creativity and technology, working with multiple talents across various teams (3D, Design, Creative Stra, Production etc...). You will be working on exciting projects for prestigious brands such as Dior, Lacoste, Adidas, Disney, Bethesda, Renault, etc., as well as international events (exhibitions, concerts, festivals).

Your responsibilities:

  • Integration (35%): collaborating with other departments to understand their constraints and integrate their work into the projects. 
  • Algorithm (35%): coding real-time 3D experiences, building a viable project architecture and logic. 
  • Creating shaders and visual effects (20%): VFX, ... (this is a plus).
  • Creative project involvement (10%): bringing ideas and being problem-solver.

Our Expectations for the Onboarding +90 days 🎯:

→ Ability to work on a project with the team and collaborate technically with others. 

→ Understanding of technical limitations to participate in creative processes. 

→ Autonomy in setting up a project's architecture. 

→ Familiarity with tools at a beginner level.

Profile required

  • Currently enrolled in a Development school, looking for a minimum of 5-months internship (ideally it will be your final internship). 
  • Strong interest in Social AR and WebAR projects. 
  • Fluent in English.
  • Interest in shaders. 
  • Knowledge and interest in real-time 3D, Lens Studio, Spark AR, ThreeJS. 
  • Your soft skills: good communicator, organized, problem solver, logical, and analytical. Additionally, listening skills, curiosity, and creative sensitivity are strengths at Atomic to best keep track of project progress.

Our Tools: 8th Wall (Three.js), Lens Studio, Javascript, Spark AR, Effect House, Notion.

The Recruitment Process:

  1. HR call pre-qualification
  2. HR interview (45 minutes) with Tina (HR People Coordinator)
  3. Technical test (at home)
  4. Final interview with Mathieu & Nicolas (Lead Dev)- at our office (1 hour)

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