IT Manager

Presentation of the Department & the position

To support the growth of Atomic Digital Design, we are searching for our next IT Manager. You will join the Atomic adventure and become the primary point of contact for all team members, as well as a leader on IT-related projects.

Your main mission will be to support Atomic's growth in the management of technical and software infrastructure, ensuring it is scalable, adaptable, and secure for our offices in Paris and Dubai, while meeting the needs of various team members.

You will collaborate with the OPS department on the following missions:

Roadmap and Project Management (15%):

  • Participation in defining the roadmap of the IT department and co-constructing the action plan. Close collaboration with operations on the deployment of the action plan and the ability to adapt it according to the company's development and short-term needs.

Manage, Optimize, Supervise, and Secure the Server and Network Environment (40%):

  • Installation, monitoring, and maintenance of computer workstations, servers, software, wired and wireless network infrastructures, as well as meeting rooms.
  • Network and security management: architecture, configuration of switches, routers, firewalls, antivirus, password manager, IP telephony, troubleshooting.
  • Management of data backup system and cloud archiving.
  • Software license management (license server, named licenses).
  • Management of the domain on OVH and configuration of Google Workspace.
  • Daily support for various teams both on-site and remotely.

Administration and Internal Process Optimization (35%):

  • Drafting procedures, reporting, documentation, and tool administration.
  • Deployment of virtualization infrastructures.
  • Implementation of a remote work solution for employees.
  • Definition and implementation of a business continuity plan.
  • Implementation of a ticketing system for tracking incidents/user requests.
  • Organization of hardware inventory (servers, computers, phones, various digital devices,...).
  • Implementation of a Windows/Mac OS device management tool.
  • Anticipation of IT needs in coordination with department heads.
  • Good knowledge of data retention management and GDPR.

Monitoring IT tools and building a network of key service providers (10%): 

  • Staying informed about market trends for businesses.
  • Participating in trade shows.
  • Building good relationships with service providers.

Our expectations for onboarding +90 days 🎯:

→ Acquire knowledge of the infrastructure and rework a roadmap accordingly with a budget and schedule validated by management.

→ Address key emergencies related to data security and network stability. 

→ Diagnose malfunctions and overhaul the infrastructure (hardware & software). 

→ Conduct an audit with recommendations, associated budget, and schedule.

→ Establish a workspace for IT (drive, Notion, documentation). 

→ Conduct a benchmark on virtualization and remote solutions and provide recommendations. 

→ Develop specifications for implementing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DPR). → Resolve tickets and monitor inventory. 

→ Study the workflow/pipeline of tools necessary for IT to perform maintenance/management operations. 

→ Build a network of potential partners for various topics (servers, workstations, VM, Apple, etc.).


  • You have several years' experience as an IT Manager
  • You have a professional level of English
  • Mastery of :
  • Windows, domain server, Active Directory, GPO.
  • macOS.
  • Linux (smb servers).
  • Knowledge of scripts/shells: Python, Batch, VBS, PowerShell, Bash, Zsh, etc. is a plus.
  • You are familiar with the IT sector, the Docker platform and social networking platforms…
  • Being able to install and configure a database (PostgreSQL, etc…).
  • You have knowledge of cybersecurity.
  • Your qualities: rigorous, patient, organized, curious, positive, accessible and available, you have a sense of priorities and are a problem solver. You're also discreet and methodical.

Our tools: Google suite, Payfit, Notion, Jira, Unifi, Xorcom, Serveur NAS, synology, FreeNAS, OVH cloud, ProxMox, Keeper, 

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