Augmented Reality and Jewelry: ADD x Piaget

Although jewelry is a craft and a tradition of the art of jewelry making, new technologies such as laser or 3D printing are becoming more and more widespread in the sector. The recent appearance of connected jewelry or pieces that change colour according to mood also shows that the world of jewelry is also increasingly open to new technologies.

This trend explains the enthusiasm of some jewelry brands for augmented reality. This communication tool allows them to address a new kind of message focused on the user experience and storytelling. 

Let’s talk about Piaget. Founded in Switzerland in the late 1800s, this iconic brand is renowned for its craftsmanship and high-end accessories. The brand was seeking to surprise and engage its audience by inviting them to try on pieces from their collections in Augmented Reality (AR) for the first time.

Piaget Possession ring
Piaget Polo watch
Piaget Possession pendant

The Challenge: Creating augmented reality try-ons for luxury jewelry brands

Our challenge was to find a way to create AR Try-On experiences that stayed true to the brand's rich history while respecting luxury codes to bring forth the elegance of Piaget. We wanted to create immersive and innovative experiences to engage and surprise the user, leveraging the power of AR on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok.

When we first set out to achieve the challenge, it wasn’t as simple as creating a concept and completing everything we imagined creatively. The weight limit for a lens or effect is limited, which can be challenging for complex jewelry pieces 3D files. The final lens has to be less than 8 MB for Snapchat, less than 4 MB for Instagram, and 5 MB for TikTok. 

Piaget Possession (Instagram)

For our 3D artists, this implied the highest level of modelisation. It also requires mastering some challenges inherent to augmented reality: for example, ear tracking for a virtual try-on of earrings won’t be as stable and qualitative on every platform. Dynamic rendering for a necklace will also be complex, given that each person has a unique silhouette, and we want it to be as natural and close to the original form as possible. Finally, obtaining a similar experience cross-platform, when each platform has different features, is no easy feat. How do we overcome these technological constraints to offer augmented reality experiences suitable for the luxury jewelry market?

Virtual try-on Piaget Polo watch

Maintaining creative exigence with technical constraints

When Piaget came to us with their new campaign for Possession - Turn for the  Extraordinary, they decided to up the challenge and added TikTok into the mix. Bearing in mind what we mentioned earlier about AR software having specific constraints, we decided that it only made sense to create three different creative concepts unique for each social platform, ensuring they were equally innovative and interactive for users. 

On TikTok, the newest platform to join the augmented reality family, we needed to develop a creative concept suitable for their community and a significant impact on the Chinese market (via Douyin). We incorporated the iconic hand gesture of the Korean heart symbol in a way the camera would recognise to spin the ring and provoke a colour explosion, revealing the visual codes of the campaign.

Piaget Possession experience (TikTok)

Three social platforms, three ways to tell a story

Our first collaboration with Piaget was for their Christmas holiday campaign of 2020. The Piaget brand was looking for a fun and interactive experience for its Snapchat users to share the Christmas spirit and promote one of their most famous collections - Possession. Our team created a virtual try-on for the Possession Earrings in a Snapchat lens using face-tracking technology, allowing the user to wear the earrings in different ways and send a personalised Christmas message with animated text to their friends. 

On Snapchat, where the tracking technology is currently the most advanced, we highlighted the Possession pendant on the user's neck with an animated movement of the coloured stone attached to the chain. We applied a ‘Colour Your World’ concept on the back camera, where the black and white environment of the user was coloured once the Possession ring appeared on the screen. On Instagram, where the body tracking functionality is less advanced, we created an impactful interactive gamified filter to show off the Possession rings in 3D and great details.

Piaget Possession (Snapchat)

The Results

The turn for the Piaget Possession Interact to Discover AR campaign deployed on Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok exceeded the initial client's targets; it reached more than 35M people across various markets (Japan, Korea, MEA, France).

  • Elisabeth Eon
  • Sophie Thi
Executive Producer
  • Tess Inglis
Production Manager
  • Eva Decarnelle
CGI Supervisors
  • Guillaume Bièche
  • Fatma Laadhari
  • Maxime Chanussot
  • Maxim Coette
  • Morgane Zemmali
  • Nicolas Gauvin
  • Julien Frazak
  • Vincent Fondevilla - Vidal
  • Guillaume Bertrand