Lacoste x Minecraft

It is not the first time a fashion brand has announced a collaboration with a video game, but this collaboration between Lacoste and the notorious Minecraft is one of the most anticipated of the year. To support the launch of the creative and communication campaign led by the agency Clutch, Lacoste came to us to develop a unique set of social media assets, including an augmented reality experience to initiate a conversation between Lacoste and Minecraft and tease about the unveiling of the Croco Island Minecraft map.

Designed for the launch, this creative campaign, deployed on Twitter and Instagram, is inspired by the co-branded campaign’s slogan: “Build your style like you build your Minecraft world. With lightness and tenacity. Create a unique look, just like you.

Challenge: build a bridge between the universes of the two brands

The idea of this project was to create visibility and virality around the partnership and the unveiling of the Croco Island map. For this partnership, the famous crocodile was redesigned and pixelated by the Minecraft Creative Studio, creating an intersection between fashion and video games.

On the one hand, the challenge was to successfully integrate an extensive suite of 2D textures & 3D assets inspired by the Croco Island map and deliver a co-branded experience that appeals to the brands’ overlapping audiences. We, therefore, developed Tweets and Instagram stories to tease about the collaboration announcement. On the other hand, we designed an AR effect to engage users and tell an immersive story. We wanted to give a gamified AR experience through UX design to motivate users and influence their behaviour as “players” to perform the expected actions: explore the Croco Island map, which features parkour, tennis, and of course, a giant crocodile.

Our approach: using gamification to create excitement

Ultimately, the intention behind this experience was to bring Lacoste fans inside the universe of Minecraft and get the game’s fans to discover the fashion co-branded collection. We adopted a user-centred approach by introducing a fun element through UX design. Our designers inserted gameplay elements and mechanics in a non-gaming setting: Instagram. 

The user experience flow was designed so that the user is fully engaged and immersed in the Instagram Effect. The back camera opens with a Minecraft-like brick wall that acts as a gate to Croco Island. The user is prompted to use a pickaxe to break the wall and access a portal into the Minecraft map. On the front camera, we developed a selfie lens that overlays pixelated avatars onto the face of the user.

The result: an immersive sneak peek inside the Minecraft Croco Island map

The Instagram effect provides a fully immersive taste of what the Croco Island map offers. It creates visibility and virality around the partnership. Adding this AR experience helped achieve a higher lift in brand awareness and purchases.

  • Sophie Thi
  • Guillaume Bièche
  • Anthony Magrin
  • Fatma Laadhari
  • Maxim Chanussot
  • Julien Frazak