Elevate Your adidas Experience with Augmented Reality Advertising: A Revolutionary AR Social Media Campaign

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Powering the adidas Supercourt Rebrand with Augmented Reality (AR) Content for Brands

adidas is not just a brand but an icon worldwide, deeply embedded in street culture and sports communities. Embracing this status, we sought to create an innovative project that respects adidas' codes and captures the attention of its vast fanbase. With the re-edition of the Supercourt shoe in 2019, we were challenged to create an innovative campaign featuring the rebrand of these iconic sneakers on the Snapchat platform.

Unboxing the Supercourt with Augmented Reality

The Rise of the Unboxing Phenomenon:

A popular YouTube trend, unboxing videos engage audiences by showcasing influencers and brand ambassadors opening and reviewing products. This simple yet effective concept connects fans with new products and brands.

The Unboxing Approach for adidas Supercourt:

Our proposal centered around the unboxing concept, creating an interactive Snapchat experience for users who typically engage with lenses for fashion or entertainment. Targeting a younger audience influenced by underground lifestyles and hip-hop, we considered their social network habits.


Rethinking Snapchat Lens Storytelling:

The lens became a reflection of our target audience's creative energy, showcasing a room too small to contain an entire generation's energy. We used augmented reality to bring the Supercourt to life, making it dance virtually and enabling users to discover it wherever they were.


Blending Technologies for an Impactful Experience

Overcoming Technical Limitations:

The creative capacities of our agency faced technical limitations when optimizing movement in an augmented reality lens. To achieve the desired quality, we combined multiple technologies.


3D Scanning, Motion Capture, and Motion Design:

We used a 3D scan to clone a real object closely aligned with the brand's universe, motion capture to capture realistic animations with a professional dancer, and a mix of 2D and 3D motion design to enhance visual effects and embody the campaign spirit.


The Outcome:

Our result transcended the traditional use of lenses, focusing on the story we wanted to tell. Providing an exclusive, interactive experience was the key to standing out among millions of content pieces.

Capturing Attention with Augmented Reality Advertising

Engagement Metrics:

More than just audience scores, interactivity with content is crucial on social media platforms. Competing with ever-demanding newsfeeds, our Supercourt lens achieved an average attention time of 32 seconds, even though the experience lasted just over ten seconds.


Embodying adidas' Identity:

Successfully representing Adidas' identity and its Supercourt video campaign, print, and street marketing efforts proved the power of AR content for brands.


Continued Collaboration with adidas:

Today, Atomic Digital Design supports and advises Adidas on their marketing approaches when it comes to augmented reality, including campaigns for Ultraboost, Superstar, LDN, and the Adidas Nuit Blanche experience.



The Adidas Supercourt rebrand campaign demonstrates the potential of AR social media campaigns and augmented reality advertising to create unforgettable experiences that capture audiences' attention and engage them with innovative content.

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