Banette - Augmented Reality To Increase Drive-To-Store

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The challenge: create a digitally innovative and playful activity for families

Innovation is not always found on the latest trending platforms, accessible to a connected audience. For the ADD teams, the challenge is always exciting when it comes to creating augmented devices for one of the oldest industries. Creating new interactions for Banette’s 3000 selling points was a challenge in itself.


Uniting families daily with their products also means taking an interest in a very family oriented audience, and in children in particular. In 2015, augmented reality wasn’t a well known platform. Once we identified the target, its habits and the best support/devices, the technology seemed perfectly adapted to create this experience. The advertising medium therefore became fairly evident, we would exploit the wrapping paper used for many delicious pastries or the traditional breads and baguettes.

Our approach: gamify the bakery via augmented reality coloring-in for children

Encourage children’s creativity above all else

Colouring-in pages incorporating Banette’s packaging quickly became the solution. The ideal medium allowing children to draw, ADD added the possibility of finding the user’s creation in 3D staying as true as possible to the original colours, via smartphone or tablet. Every week, the coloring-in changes and reveals new animations in 3D.

With the idea being that your time at the bakery therefore continues at home. Every child was able to give life to its coloring-in thanks to augmented reality.  : The successful Banette Experience!

The Banette Magic app contains more than ten coloring-ins that unlock once the users scan them on the packaging. A classic gamification technique that creates curiosity and eagerness to discover the rest of the experience.


Make augmented reality technology within reach for everyone

To allow everyone to familiarize themselves with the augmented reality technology , we specifically studied the user steps and adapted it to our target. It is transmitted through a simple and intuitive interface associated with precise guidance which allows everyone to enjoy this innovative technology.


The results: more than 500 000 scans for this augmented reality coloring-in.

Around 3000 bakeries participated, generating more than 40 000 downloads of the app and more than 500 000 scans of the coloring-ins. A true success for this app that Banette will use for upto three years.

We’ll renew the technology in 2020 with McDonald and OMY, this time to allow children visiting the agricultural fair (closed by anticipation due to Covid19) to give life to animals and the farm's environment.

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