Cannes Creative Minds Making Off

Ever wondered what is going through the mind of a creative leader? Well, we got the chance to "peek inside the minds of the most imaginative people in the world" and we didn’t just stop there, we turned it into augmented reality. The Cannes Lions is a yearly event that gathers the most creative minds. To make this event open to everyone, Snap came to us with a crazy challenge: they wanted to bring AR to the heart of this year's edition. The brief was to design eight 'Bespoke Landmarkers' that were active on Snapchat’s Map during the event. Every lens was an immersive AR experience, a micro-universe of its own with a unique aesthetic and story.

Users were able to browse the Snap Map or scan a code to access the thoughts of the following CCOs: Greg Hahn (Mischief USA)/ Shannon Washington (R/GA) / Rob Reilly (WPP) / Merlee Jayme (Dentsu) / Keith Cartwright (Cartwright) / Alberto Ponte (Nike at Wieden + Kennedy) / Susan Credle (FCB Global) / Doerte Spengler-Ahrens (Jung von Matt SAGA)

Keith Cartwright - Shannon Washington - Doerte Spengler Ahrens

The Challenge: translate each CCOs unique vision into 8 distinctive AR immersive experiences

When asked about creativity, each CCOs was asked to provide five keywords that illustrated their vision for the future of creativity and share colour, a place, a character, a word and an object. “The creative challenge was to combine all the references to best convey the vision of each CCO,” says Atomic Digital Design’s Designer, Jean-Baptiste Lorca.

The objective of the brief was to create invitations to travel and engaging user flows contained within eight augmented reality experiences. The key challenge here was to define the parameters for storytelling, in other words, we needed to articulate a seamless user journey from the moment Snapchatters would start interacting with augmented reality and what the desired experience was.

Alberto Ponte - Greg Hahn - Keith Cartwright

Our approach: make the invisible visible

The first step to creating these lenses was to thoroughly research, gather information, and materials, and identify sources of inspiration. We did that for each lens and every element provided by the CCOs, then combined them all to form new connections.

Using a combinatory play approach, we managed to take diverse ideas and influences and found new ways to make them work together. From these fleshed-out ideas, our team used critical thinking and aesthetic judgment skills to refine the work and communicate its value in a way that is magical and inviting at the same time.

Honing into the power of augmented reality, our intention was to explore the minds of these CCOs when creativity is unleashed. Our goal was to create without frontier; materialize what we can’t see.

Because each experience was designed to be experienced as a micro-universe of its own with a high level of detail, it was essential to make sure each object, colour, texture and light was rendered to the best quality possible.

The result

Beyond creating access to the minds of top creative chief officers, the Cannes Creative Minds allowed its users to see the world differently. By offering a peek inside the mind of these eight creatives, we’ve managed to enhance the users' experience and change their perceptions.

“I think AR is really helping us to express ourselves in different ways, ways we perhaps haven’t had the language for. But also when I think of things like the Unfiltered Tour by Vice and what people are doing with AR to imagine what their world could look like with or without wars and things of that nature, it’s an important tool to capture the world around us but to also help us truly imagine what our dreams could look like. Because sometimes we don’t trust our imagination and so when you can see it in front of you, you’re more inspired to actually go make it.” Shannon Washington, CCO at R/GA.

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