DIOR x Rimowa - The Launch of the Collaboration

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The challenge: the requirements for a launch with three locations

We are used to delivering content that respects the quality of our clients' products and the image of their brands. When it comes to a collaboration between two renowned luxury brands, it was a challenge to respect the codes of each. For the collaboration launch, DIOR and Rimowa wanted to boost the impact of the event which took place in three cities on the same day: Paris, Miami, and Dubai.


In partnership with the platform Snapchat, we had to take into account the brand's requirements in terms of rendering but also the on-site experience at the heart of a very specific system - for example for Paris, it was on the Champs Elysées - and we had to enhance the user experience in a world of luxury imagined by the brands Art Director Kim Jones for the House of Luxury Luggage.

Our approach: three lenses for an enhanced AR experience

The answer seemed logical to us: use the geolocation capabilities of Snapchat lenses to allow guests of this launch to enjoy the augmented reality experience on site. With a scenario broken down into three different levels (the effect, the decor and the product), allowing each guest to connect with the brands and experience the launch in AR.



At the event’s location, it was, therefore, possible via Snapchat to test the iconic DIOR Oblique “makeup” effect, then to discover the back lens; the white DeLorean from the DIOR campaign (an obvious homage to the Back to the Future films, used in the DIOR campaign by Steven Meisel) at the center of the location itself. In the car, a second new filter presents the Rimowa cabin luggage perfectly positioned thanks to the platform's Marker Tech technology. An innovative, multi-step experience making it an original and unique event.

The results: a campaign strengthening the in-store experience

With a global positioning, this launch was supported by the brands with media and print campaigns in the target countries. The average experience, around 18 seconds, confirms the interest of fans of the luxury universe for new in-store proposals. In addition to the evening, the brands allowed their customers to test the discovery of DIOR x Rimowa products on-site for several weeks.

With a strong desire to put its stores back at the heart of its customer interactions, DIOR was able with the help of Snapchat to refocus its strategy, its products, and its collaborations. A spirit turned around brand storytelling that leaves room for pure creativity: a successful combination!

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