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The challenge: improve the sales team’s experience using an augmented reality tool

In 2017, the Elis group (that specializes in the field of cleaning and hygiene) wanted to present in an innovative way its new clothing services, focusing on it’s new Fooding range, (clothing intended for catering). The group wanted to accompany its vendors in their commercial actions to improve the efficiency in their BtoB sale process.

We decided the best way to tackle this was to create an augmented reality catalogue to assist the sale’s team’s communication strategy with the hopes of driving a real impact on sales.

Our approach: a fully interactive catalog

To ensure the usefulness and reliability of this new tool within the sales teams, we focused our thinking on the user journey. A study of the UX (user experience) and the sales journey in collaboration with the Elis teams, led us to set up a clear and relevant interface, fully in line with the commercial discourse they wanted to communicate. A collaborative and iterative approach allowed us to design an optimal product.

Giving life to the product

The use of augmented reality in a catalog allows you to choose a piece of clothing in the context of its relevant use. To develop this scenario, we chose to use virtual mannequins, fully customisable via a library of clothing.


When the user becomes the heart of the experience

We designed this tool not as a simple sales accessory, but as a real step in the sales process for salespeople: A 3D viewer is activated as soon as the system video captures the marker to display the mannequin and the clothing configuration. The position, size and animations of the virtual mannequins are entirely controlled by the salesperson. This set of functionalities thus represent as much a visual support which supports the argument, as a real projection for the customer.


The results: a commercial and marketing success!

This P.O.C (proof of concept) has been deployed within the sales team since June 2017. The success was immediately recognised at the levels of the teams, but also of the customers. After a few weeks of use, salespeople took full ownership of the application and the customers they met showed keen interest in this innovative approach.

More than a sales support tool, this application underlines the Elis group's desire to integrate innovative technologies that are completely accessible to their customers.

Due to the success of this project, Elis has decided to upgrade the tool to display the extended range of products presented.

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