From flip to fold: Samsung’s unfolding innovation to connect with consumers

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From flip to fold: Samsung’s unfolding innovation to connect with consumers

We are witnessing the arrival of a new era in customer engagement, and Samsung is right at the heart of this exciting change, using Snap AR technology to make discovery and shopping for their new Galaxy Foldables a whole lot more interactive and fun from start to finish.

Samsung has teamed up with Snapchat and Atomic, tapping into the features of immersive technology to create impact as they bring the new Galaxy Foldables into the market.

Challenge: Driving consideration and purchase intent through AR content 

In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics, engaging customers in meaningful ways is more challenging than ever. Samsung faced this head-on with the launch of their Galaxy Foldables. It was not enough to simply capture fleeting attention; the brand had to cultivate a deep and enduring connection with consumers that would persist throughout the entire consumer journey.

They had to go beyond just unveiling new features; they needed to craft enjoyable and share-worthy experiences that would make the brand stand out and resonate with customers at every step in a market brimming with the latest smartphones.

Approach: Delivering innovative product experiences 

For the debut of their Foldable line, Samsung embraced an omnipresent strategy with a suite of custom AR experiences on Snapchat. They developed a diverse set of AR Lenses, each meticulously crafted to engage customers at different stages—from igniting curiosity with a teaser to enriching understanding, fostering a want for the product, and ultimately prompting the decision to buy.

Augmented reality combined with mobile videos was used to tell the story of Galaxy Foldables to Snapchatters across the globe - in the US, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Croatia, the UK, Nordics and Slovenia.

In crafting the AR experiences, our emphasis was on showcasing the unique attributes of Samsung's mobile and accessory offerings. We achieved this by employing product visualization to accentuate key features. Additionally, we sought to captivate Snapchatters by integrating gamification and partially virtualizing their surroundings, creating an engaging and immersive interaction with the products.

The results

The campaign's strategy, which used a variety of Snapchat ads such as AR Lenses, Snap Ads, Commercials, Collection Ads, and Story Ads, resulted in a significant increase in all the main areas we were watching.

  • Brand Awareness saw an increase of 18 per cent.
  • Ad Awareness jumped by 24 per cent.
  • Consideration Intent rose by 12 per cent.
  • Purchase Intent climbed by 16 per cent.

These figures underscore the success of combining AR with mobile video content, proving their effectiveness in making a meaningful connection with users worldwide. This strategy not only amplified engagement but also reinforced Samsung's position as a leader in delivering innovative product experiences to consumers.

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