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After two years of cancelled pride, NYX Professional Makeup is coming back with an immersive Paint Your Own Story Snapchat lens that is giving the users the chance to wear bold and glam make-up looks as well as experience an explosion of colours and self-expression during pride month.

Challenge: Redefining the beauty experience

For this project, we were commissioned by Snap to develop a lens composed of one selfie view and one world view. NYX PM is all about empowerment and proud makeup and our intention was to design an augmented reality solution that could exude that same feeling.

As part of the NYX PM Pride digital campaign, this AR activation offered convenience and personalization while transporting the users inside the brand’s image. Thanks to AR, Snapchatters could browse through and try on a full-colour palette, making the experience of testing make-up faster and easier.

By choosing to showcase this cosmetic collection using AR, NYX PM is not only providing its consumers with a practical tool but also letting them dive inside the desired mood, one of “Feelin’ oneself”.

Our approach: Making the users the stars of the campaign

Beauty is about confidence, self-expression and creativity. These qualities take on a new dimension with AR as the experience is centered around the users, letting them become the real stars of the campaign.

While one of the objectives of the activation was to communicate around the release of a new product, this project focused no less on creating a bond with NYX PM customers. Beauty products appeared on users’ screens and faces but their surroundings were also transformed with an explosion of colour and makeup.

By opening the possibilities and allowing the customers to connect with one of the most iconic moments of the LGBTQIA+ community: this Pride, NYX PM has managed to surprise and excite its fans at the same time.

For this project, our intention was to create an interactive solution that revolutionizes the consumer experience by making social media more tangible and accessible.

The result

While the beauty world is shifting and becoming more and more inclusive, shopping experiences are also changing; they now are more about the shopper, and not so much about the model anymore.

By using social media to connect with fans, this lens is a perfect example that brands can use this technology to reframe the consumer intent around emotions, moments and creative inspiration.

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