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Swile is a platform that offers employees restaurants, gifts and mobility benefits. To promote its product at the annual CSR exhibition, Swile created a phygital experience - bringing together physical and virtual elements to enhance visitors’ understanding of what it offers. Through our partnership with the company, we have created an AR game that awards players with Swile gift. The exhibition draws visitors in to interact with the brand, giving them a lovely memento and positive feelings about it.

The Challenge: using augmented reality to gamify and add value to an event

Swile wanted to add an element of engagement and interactivity to their stand installation. They figured AR would be the perfect tool for that, as it allows you to make things invisible in your surroundings appear visible by unlocking content or information using a mobile phone.

Augmented reality can create new ways to immerse audiences in events, providing live event organisations with unique opportunities to build loyal customers. There are endless possibilities when it comes to gamifying an experience, but we made an augmented reality-enabled game that visitors could play and win prizes at the event.

Our goal was to demonstrate that augmented reality can improve the experience of attending live events by providing real-time information and easy visualisation.

AR apps can provide users with relevant information at a specific moment; for this project, we needed to communicate about Swile employee gift benefits. Instead of waiting to hear about the product from its brand ambassador, users could be "shown" information in a playful way. Players tap the screen to capture digital gifts, learn about the history of gift vouchers and walk away with a goodie at the end.

The Approach: Improve brand awareness

AR can help users feel like they are uniquely interacting with a brand when used in crowded settings. This works well for social events—where people may want to share their experience with others—creating great brand opportunities.

QR codes can create links between your physical event and the virtual world, all with a quick click from a visitor’s mobile device. For this event campaign, we placed QR codes at the centre of the Swile’s exhibition stand on a four-sided monolith display. Each QR code led to a webpage that unlocked the immersive experience.

Ease of use was critical in the design of this activation, so we kept it simple with a step-by-step virtual game to entice the user to engage with the game by tapping the virtual gifts overlaid on the physical environment.

With this augmented reality integration of virtual graphics and text with real-world objects, Swile was able to create a more interactive user experience. People visiting their stand could learn about the brand’s benefits and services in a playful way that supported traditional trade show interactions.

The Result

Interactive content can engage customers and help build their interest by creating personalised experiences. With this event activation, Swile achieved 934 sessions and 531 completed games.

Find out more about our AR experiences here.

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