adidas - Augmented Reality Unboxing

The challenge: give power to the adidas experience in AR

Today Adidas is recognised for being much more than just a brand. It is an icon worldwide amongst street culture and sporting communities. With all that it represents we were faced with the challenge of respecting its codes whilst creating an innovative project that would capture the attention of its unlimited fanbase.

With the 2019 re-edition of the Supercourt shoe (that joined the vintage “home of classics” for the occasion), we were confronted with the challenge of how best to create an innovative campaign featuring the rebrand of these iconic sneakers, in line with the Snapchat platform.

Made with care worn without. The slogan of ‘Home of the Classics’ campaign represents the attributes of a free lifestyle without limits, a cultured generation always on the move seeking new experiences. It is a universe that we can relate to and it quickly became a project that we wanted to bring to life.

Our approach: the unboxing of your Supercourts thanks to augmented reality

The unboxing, a fascinating phenomenon

A recent and popular category for Youtube users is the art of ‘unboxing’ which consists of watching a video of someone (generally an influencer or brand ambassador) opening a ‘boxed’ product/s and then testing them describing them to their subscribers.  A simple concept no doubt but it quickly became an engaging way for connected fans to discover new products, allowing brands to self promote via their network of influencers. So why not test the art of ‘unboxing’ between a brand and its fans directly? Our proposal based itself on the concept of ‘unboxing’ to create an interactive experience on Snapchat.

The aim here was to surprise users on a platform that they already used  for classic lenses, often about fashion or entertainment. For the Supercourt it was essential to move forward with a younger target, influenced by underground lifestyle & hip hop, taking into account their social network habits.

Our priority was to rethink the storytelling of a Snapchat lens.

Ultimately the lens would be the story of our target audience: A room too small to contain an entire generation's energy that really doesn’t care if the sole of their shoes are dirty when they start dancing! We convey an inspiring creative energy: it was out of the question to limit it to a simple display, we needed to give life to the Supercourt through augmented reality, to make it dance virtually, to discover it wherever we were. The unboxing concept is advantageous when it comes to interacting in multiple steps with the user around a strong focus, the Supercourt identity.

A production with mixed technologies for an impactful result

The creative capacities of the agency are always boiling over when it comes to the creative pitch and technical necessities.There are many technical limitations on an augmented reality lense when it comes to optimizing the movement. It took a mix of technologies to produce this content with one goal: stick to the quality of the well known Supercourt.

The final result matched the client’s and agency’s expectations as we adapted the capacities of our production modes.

A 3D scan allows you to clone a real object, as close as possible to the brand’s universe, while using a file as light as possible (Always anticipate any final technical issues!).

The Motion Capture is ideal realistic animations. In this case we worked with a professional dancer, as we wanted to catch the details of a movement often erased by 3D animation.

A more classical use of motion design combining 2D and 3D to augment the visual effects experience helped us embody the spirit of the campaign and stick 100% to virtual possibilities (paint puddle, leds, branding, …).

The result we obtained makes you forget about the classical use of a lens and instead take into account the advantages of the story we are telling. Give life to an exclusive experience, offer a true interaction: it’s the key to be noticed among a network of millions of contents!

The result: catch the attention with one Lens

More than a pure audience score, the interactivity towards the content is truly more essential on social media platforms. The online community’s focus is low (6 seconds on a Youtube video), competing with newsfeed, always more demanding. It is our true reward when our productions are not just simply overlooked but truly observed: for the Supercourt Lense the average attention time recorded was 32 seconds watching the experience even though it only lasted more than ten seconds!

Beyond the work done, it’s also a successful challenge when coming to embody adidas’ identity and its Supercourt video campaign, print and street marketing.

Today Atomic Digital Design accompanies and advises adidas on all their marketing approaches when it comes to augmented reality. You can consult other experiences in augmented reality for the brand with the l’Ultraboost, the Superstar, LDN or even the Adidas Nuit Blanche experience.

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