In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses must evolve and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Traditional marketing methods and e-commerce platforms are no longer enough to keep customers engaged and drive sales. The challenge lies in creating an interactive, immersive, and unique shopping experience that stands out among the competition.


Embrace the Future: Augmented Reality as the Ultimate Storytelling Medium
Samsung Glowlight
Madden Wood
Snap x Vogues
Chicken Vs Alien
Microsoft Xbox x Bethesda
Fendi Match
Cartier Ramadan
Samsung Flip
YSL Libre
Piaget Possession
UNDW3 Factory Drop: Transcending Mere Wearability to Provide an New Form of Brand Experience
Reimagined Community Engagement with Mixed Reality: introducing TWIN®
Introducing Balenciaga's WebAR Game: An exploration of sustainability and social responsibility
Lacoste's UNDW3 Project: Engaging the Metaverse Community with Web3 and NFTs‍
Cannes Creative Minds
MADDENWOOD - Steve Madden
DIOR - Christmas Packaging
Augmented Reality in Luxury Jewelry Marketing: The Piaget Case Study

Case Studies

Case Studies

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Revolutionize Your Brand with Cutting-Edge AR Experiences: Paris-based Augmented Reality Agency

Welcome to our Paris-based Augmented Reality Agency, where cutting-edge AR meets global expertise! Our co-founders united a dynamic team of professionals from animation, digital marketing, and the video game industry to deliver unparalleled AR experiences. With our unique, internationally-acclaimed methodology, we've become a go-to for creating AR content for brands worldwide.

As pioneers in AR social media campaigns and augmented reality advertising, we've worked with incredible brands, elevating their marketing strategies to new heights. Our innovative approach has earned us certified partner status on all major AR platforms.

Our close ties with these platforms grant us exclusive access to their beta features, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest augmented reality technologies. Trust us to craft immersive, engaging AR experiences that captivate audiences and drive results. Join the AR revolution today!

Stay tuned about augmented reality innovations.

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