AR/XR/AI Insights #15

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Image: The Marvels

Coca-Cola and Marvel's Latest Collab Uses AR to Entice Comic Fans

Coca-Cola is leveraging augmented reality in its latest partnership with Disney, enabling consumers to unlock digital collectibles by scanning special-edition packaging adorned with illustrations of over 30 beloved Marvel characters.

To kick off the campaign, the brand released a captivating film that seamlessly blends live action and animation, adopting a 2D comic book aesthetic. The video features a tired comic book store employee sporting a T-shirt adorned with the X-Men antagonist Juggernaut. As she dozes off, the formidable mutant unleashes chaos in an animated city, sending shockwaves that reverberate throughout the entire store. (AdWeek)

Image: Festival de Cannes

For its 77th edition, the Festival de Cannes launches its Immersive Competition

As storytelling reaches new heights with original works, the Festival de Cannes is set to introduce a groundbreaking competition for its 77th edition: the "Immersive Competition." This initiative stems from the monumental success of Alejandro González Iñárritu's virtual reality masterpiece, Carne y Arena (Virtually Present, Physically Invisible), which made history at the 70th edition of the festival in 2017. Not only was it the first immersive work to be selected for a major film festival, but it also earned Iñárritu a special Academy Award for his innovative vision. With Iñárritu's continued influence, including serving as President of the Jury in 2019, Cannes reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of cinematic artistry. (Festival de Cannes)

Photo: Adobe Stock

Future-proofing fashion: How brands can prepare for Europe’s AI measures

With the European Union unveiling the world's inaugural comprehensive AI legislation, fashion retailers in the region stand poised to lead the charge in responsible AI integration within the retail sector. The EU's groundbreaking AI Act received approval from the European Parliament in mid-March, establishing a significant precedent for global AI regulation. While the legislation's full enforcement may unfold over a span of up to three years, fashion retailers across Europe — and worldwide — must now prepare to adjust their strategies and practices regarding AI technology. (Vogue Business)

Photo: The Verge

Humane AI Pin review: not even close

Unlock the future with the Humane AI Pin, priced at $699 with a convenient $24 per month option. Say goodbye to your smartphone's shackles and hello to freedom. However, despite its promising concept, there's a catch: it simply doesn't deliver. Designed to revolutionize your tech experience, the Humane AI Pin operates sans screen, relying on an innovative AI assistant and CosmOS, its proprietary operating system. From making calls to jotting down notes, this wearable offers a seamless interface for all your needs. Utilizing a cellular connection, albeit limited to T-Mobile, this device ensures round-the-clock connectivity. Yet, despite its ambitious vision, the Humane AI Pin falls short in functionality, leaving users wanting more. (The Verge)

Image: Crush House

The Future of Video Games Is ... Reality TV?

Immerse yourself in The Crush House, where capturing drama and captivating "the butt guys" is your ultimate mission. Step into a new gaming experience unlike any other. Picture this: a heated slap fight erupts by the poolside, as cast members abandon verbal sparring for full-blown physical confrontation. With cameras rolling, the producer rushes to capture every moment. Transported back to 1999, you're at the helm of the latest season of The Crush House, a sizzling reality show sensation. Your role? Curate the cast, seize the drama, and constantly adapt to meet the ever-evolving audience expectations to ensure the show's survival. Fail, and face the harsh reality of cancellation. Get ready to play, strategize, and conquer in this thrilling virtual world. (Wired)

Image: Pencil

Inside an agency’s AI pitch to CMOs - how its technology creates ad concept and analyses brands

The current buzz in advertising circles revolves around the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to automate tasks in an industry rooted in evoking emotions. The Brandtech Group, a prominent advertising conglomerate, is at the forefront of this debate. With a recent funding boost of $115 million, they're pushing the boundaries of human versus AI capabilities, exploring the extent to which machines can handle tasks traditionally associated with human creativity and emotional resonance. (Ad Age)

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