Antoine Vu

“Embrace AR experiences to enhance social media engagement for all ages. Captivating content drives users to actively participate, making AR a powerful tool not exclusive to younger generations. Expand your reach and boost interaction across diverse audiences with immersive AR solutions.”

Antoine Vu - CEO, Co-founder of Atomic Digital Design

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Case Studies

Case Studies


What kind of experience must I offer?

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Virtual product try-ons:
You can use AR to allow customers to virtually try on products such as clothing, makeup, or accessories through their social media accounts, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and personalized.

Interactive advertisements:
By integrating AR elements into social media ads, you can make your promotions more engaging and interactive, which can lead to higher click-through rates and increased your brand awareness.

You can create AR-based games or challenges on social media platforms to encourage users to engage with your products, participate in contests, or share their experiences with their friends and followers.

How long is it to produce a social AR experience?

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Typically, our social AR productions require a timeframe of 3 weeks to 1 month for completion and delivery. However, we can expedite the process for simpler projects, completing them in just 1 week. If you need a rapid turnaround, we can assemble a crack team to tackle the challenge. To ensure a smooth and successful experience, we kindly request that the client remains accessible for reviewing the project and providing validation throughout the process.

How will Atomic support me?

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At our company, we prioritize providing exceptional support to our clients throughout the production phase. We achieve this by assigning a dedicated project manager to serve as your primary point of contact. The project manager will keep you informed of progress, address any concerns, and facilitate communication between your team and our production specialists. Additionally, we hold regular progress meetings to review milestones and gather feedback, ensuring that the project stays on track and aligns with your vision. Our collaborative approach guarantees a seamless production process, resulting in a successful final product that meets your expectations.