Social Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality through existing social platforms has become a communication accelerator whose vector is the sharing of emotions and moments. It is particularly well adapted to public events, concerts and short promotional events.

Enhance your brand identity with Augmented Reality is a service imaginated by atomic digital design that helps brands leverage the power of Augmented Reality experiences to maximize the reach and engagement with their audience on social media.


Designing AR experiences in social network involves a good knowledge of social network uses. But it also implies a great work of optimization to make an awesome big idea fit in only 4 mega-octets of content creation! Constraint definitely stimulates creativity.


  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Game Design


  • Copywriting 
  • Art Direction
  • 2D and 3D Motion


  • Lens Studio
  • Spark AR

Certified Partners

As creative partners of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram & 8th Wall we guarantee you a fully optimized production. Our team masters both 2D/3D animation and AR development skillset and always keep updated on new features and social trends.

Snapchat - Instagram
Facebook - 8th Wall

Design Minded

Our process is not linear, but rather an iterative model to help us build your AR projects faster and more efficiently. We trust AGILE management and digital workspace to enhance our productivity.

Design Thinking

Atomic Digital Design helps brands and companies from the definition of their needs to the realization of their projects. Our mission is to respond to your digital objectives through 4 key phase :

Learn → Define → Create → Deliver

Atomic Design

Atomic Design is a methodology which understands that a project is composed of a multitude of production assets all combined together, called the Atoms. Organising the Atoms is the Key. If you care of the smallest pieces of your design as much as the end result, then a great experience will ensue.

Inspired by Brad Frost - Atomic Design Methodology we’ve adapted this process to build AR projects.

Circular Design

What we create isn’t done when it goes live. That’s the spirit!
A good design can work in many cases and we consider that wasting isn’t only a matter of food. There is too much work that we constantly re-do and part of our mindset is to find a way to not waste this beautiful energy we have. That’s the power of circular design in an atomic way of building. Recycle, re-use, re-start that’s how it goes in our house!

From the smallest production asset to the final experience

Always on the look out for new experiences

Boeing factory worker wearing Google glass while working on a wiring system
History - 6 min read
1990 - First mention of the term "Augmented Reality"