Coca-Cola - UEFA Euro 2020

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The Challenge: prepare a major competition…. while confined

The campaign seemed simple but took place during a very particular time. When Coca-Cola asked us to brainstorm around the idea of an animation for the Soccer competition, the Euro 2020 that was supposed to take place in the summer; it seemed only natural to highlight sport with augmented reality.
And then Covid-19 happened...but the teams did their best to allow the soccer fans to enjoy the entire team in store.


From this complicated time, we chose to remember our co-workers’ commitment and the quality of the rendering. Celebrating the French team is a true challenge because of its national value but also the number of content to produce (11 players) to play the game till the end.

Our approach: celebrate the French  (augmented) Team with Coca-Cola and Snapchat

The choice was bold but it worked. The success of this project required reactivity and creativity in a very particular context that didn’t allow us to shoot in studio. We had to work from online resources (provided by the French Football Federation) to rebuild the faces of every player that was to be displayed via Snapchat on every Coca-Cola can regular and sugar free.

It’s from 2D images and video extracts that we were able to capture the detailed expression of every player to give them the best augmented reality impression on the brand’s cans. A technical challenge for us, on this particular curved and reflecting surface. But Mission accomplished! As Harry Potter read his “augmented” newspaper, here you are animating your favorite player with your app thanks to a snapcode.

So who are you going to choose?


The results: an unprecedented success ... during an unprecedented context

The brand’s will needs to be commended as they still launch their campaign even though there was no competition (reported to 2021). It’s about 150 millions cans that were sold between spring and summer this year, a chance to remember that sport will be back and that it’s time to prepare for the Euro!


ADD won a game in epic conditions but proved that a team of 5 animation technicians can work together even remotely, deliver in time and offer the possibility for the fans to enjoy their national team. And who knows maybe also find new ideas for the next competition?

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